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Excellent post from Duncan Brown of Influencer50. I agree that the traditional awareness/familiarity/consideration/purchase/loyalty model just doesn’t apply any more – McKinsey’s new version says that awareness isn’t even a prerequisite for consumer decision making. Worth reading Duncan’s full post.

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It’s interesting to see McKinsey starting to notice the ‘Trigger Event’ economy.

I would argue that people have always bought based upon ‘Trigger Events’ but it was not until recently the something ‘Triggered’ McKinsey’s understanding.

I have always agreed with the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) model but understood that it is a ‘Trigger Event’ that creates the desire that leads to the action.

‘Trigger Events’ are as applicable to B2B sales as they are to B2C.

The specific ‘Trigger Events’ may be different but the analogy stays the same.

Craig Elias
Creator of Trigger Event Selling™

Craig – thanks for the response. I guess I should have been more clear when I said I didn’t think AIDA applied any more – I agree with Duncan Brown who said that AIDA works in reverse ie people take action first (perhaps induced by a trigger event?) which creates the desire to find a solution – which in turn leads to taking an interest in what solutions exist – awareness is the last part of the chain rather than the first.

But agree that event triggers are not exactly new – in the tech world, people like Terradata have developed some very powerful solutions based around the whole notion of event triggers.

And in the world of PR and marketing, I’d say one of the biggest single trigger events is the arrival of a new marketing director or PR manager at the client. It is far and away the key reason for a change of agency.

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