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Does the average UK Facebook user spend 24 hours per month on the site?

According to Hitwise, the average amount of time spent on Facebook by a Briton has decreased from 30 minutes in December 2009, to 27.36 minutes during June and July 2010.

According to Google, the average session time was 26.40 mins – not wildly dissimilar to Hitwise’s estimate. Perhaps even more interesting, Google claims that the average number of visits per UK Facebook user last month was 51 (worldwide average is 33).

On Google’s figures, that would suggest the average UK Facebook user spent 1360 minutes on the site last month – or nearly 23 hours.

On Hitwise’s figures that would come to nearly 24 hours per month.

Given these are average figures, that suggests that some people spend considerably more than a day month online at

Contrast this with Google’s view of  Average session time is 11.50 mins – and average number of visits per visitor last month of 13. This translates into around 2.5 hours per month.

YouTube clocked in at an average session time of 23.20 and 17 visits last month. Total session time for July, 6.6 hours.

According to Comscore last year, the average British internet user spent around 29 hours per month online. Perhaps that figure has risen dramatically in the last 12 months. However, it would still  suggests that the vast majority of our online time is spent on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Food for thought.

4 replies on “Does the average UK Facebook user spend 24 hours per month on the site?”

Actually a more serious point – while I know some people say they do both at once, the trend I’ve noticed is for people to be on Facebook more in the evenings because they prefer that to a lot of the crap offered on TV. Last night was a case in point – I even found myself longing for MoTD2, which is frightening. Facebook content can certainly be more appealing than many of the x00 channels I have at home.

Ever been asked ‘how do you find the time to mess around on Facebook?’. Next time, one retort might be ‘how do you find time to watch all that mindless, poorly-acted, predictable drivel on TV?’.

Indeed. No question more people are “double screening” these days. And devices like the iPad certainly make that a lot easier to do from the sofa these days.

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