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Is it just me or has the whole world gone Facebook mad? I only joined a few weeks ago – but I can see how it is turning into the greatest productivity destroyer of all time.

Friends and contacts keep popping up daily. It’s like being in a sweet shop – someone invites you to try out a new application and you can’t resist – my profile page is awash with the things – but I guess you can try things out and remove if they don’t prove useful – I sure hope I settle down to a small core of relevant apps.

All in all, I feel a bit old. I was therefore amused to see that Jack Schofield of The Guardian is getting advice on how to use this new fangled Facebook thing from his son James – take a look here – on Jack’s "Wall".

BTW – the Food Fight app is probably the silliest thing I’ve seen for a long time – but I can see that quite normal people are spending significant amounts of their time flinging virtual burgers at each other.

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