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I spent a very pleasant hour or so yesterday afternoon over a chilled glass of Oyster Bay with the mastermind behind TWL. (No, I won’t name them, but plenty of people know who it is anyway – and I’m sure it will be common knowledge soon enough). It was good to finally meet tech PR’s masked crusader – and to get an idea of where the TWL brand is going.

TWL has been around the tech PR biz for some time – hence why the content is nearly always "on the money". And as Peter Kirwan has already pointed out, although one may think that the site is simply there to find fault with everything, TWL would really like to run some genuinely positive material – it just seems hard to come by – or no-one feels comfortable sharing it.

The following are some of the (many) things we discussed:


1. TWL fulfils a need

Spin Bunny proved the concept and TWL has essentially picked up the baton. Interestingly, TWL is looking at expanding its coverage to encompass other areas such as financial and healthcare PR – broadening the appeal of TWL is certainly one way to give it more long term viability.

2. Bringing the fun back into tech PR

We both agreed that much of the fun appears to have gone out of tech PR – the industry’s general inability to laugh at itself needs addressing. TWL is at least doing its bit to help.

3. Fear of TWL link love

TWL revealed that many people are afraid to link to TWL because it is perceived as being, well, a bit naughty. Again, the sooner everyone lightens up the better.

Clearly, TWL has a whole lot more planned in the coming months – which will no doubt be revealed in due course. For what’s its worth, I think TWL is on to something – I really do think it can be a force for good – as well as offering an alternative voice in an industry that has traditionally run scared from discussing real issues openly and honestly. I certainly wish them well as things develop. More power to your elbow TWL, etc.

4 Responses to “TWL: the future for the UK’s favourite tech PR blog”

  1. Richard Bailey

    Interesting… Unlike you, I’m outside the London loop and can’t guess who’s behind TWL. Though I sense it’s more of an inside job than Spin Bunny (my wild guess was that Mike Magee would have been involved in that project).

    I don’t dislike or disapprove of what they’re doing, but decided some time ago not to link to anonymous blogs (eg Strumpette), so that’s that.

  2. Sally

    To be honest, I think TWL also suffers on the link love front because people are scared that the spotlight may be turned on them.

    While TWL does many things marvellously, it is a tad scathing about individuals it finds lacking – Richard Millington, anyone?

    Not that this is a bad thing per se, but I definitely think there’s a sense of opening yourself up to potential ridicule every time you engage with the site.

    Fortunately, my life is inherently ridiculous so I have (almost) no fear in this regard.

  3. Andrew Smith

    To respond to 2 comments in one go:

    Richard – I don’t think TWL is going to be generally anonymous for much longer – so you might be able to restore that link soon.

    Sally – I do think TWL only exposes the worst stupidity – and it would be depressing if this really does charactise the majority of the business (which I don’t think TWL believes either) – as I said, people just need to lighten up a bit

  4. ...The World's Leading...

    Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for this post – a neat summary of our very enjoyable tete-a-tete. Lovely wine too…and a splendid little location you’ve found for Object.

    Let’s do it again soon.



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