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….the world’s leading….. presents his/her critique of this week’s PR Week awards.

I also noted that Chameleon PR picked up the gong for best tech campaign for its work with Staellium. As PR Week notes:

The results of this campaign were immediate and impressive. There were 22 mentions in the dailies, including The Guardian G2’s Last Word and Times 2’s Pass Notes. At one point, a Google search on ‘StealthText’ produced 133,000 results and, by 2
June this year, more than 200 pieces of coverage had been tracked,
leading the launch to be named as one of 2005’s top ten tech stories by
news site

The coverage generated 42 million opportunities to see. An AVE of
£51,854 was achieved by the first 40 items of coverage alone –
considerable for a campaign that had a budget of less than £10,000.

Which made me wonder – is this kind of thing a poisoned chalice? In other words, will Chameleon now have a queue of clients with their £9K PR budget asking for "some of what Staellium got." I’m not decrying Chameleon’s achievements – but does it actually help them to secure bigger budget clients?

Just curious.

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