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Archie Henry Alexander Smith arrived yesterday at 3.08pm. A few weeks ahead
of schedule, but mother and baby fine.

Pic of the wee man below – clearly he is destined to be the the first
Scotsman to score the winner in a World Cup final, a famous rock guitarist,
the most gifted writer of his generation since George Orwell and a great PR
man – all at the same time! No pressure there then 😉

Many thanks to those who have already sent congrats and good wishes.

Back to the hospital now.


11 Responses to “Son of Smith – early arrival!”

  1. Guy Kewney

    Well done, the three of you. Keep a diary, and see if that can save you from making the same mistake we all made – of doing it all again in three years!

  2. dahowlett

    Hi Andrew – been shifting platforms so lost track of this and am updating everything…CONGRATULATIONS -and what fantastic good ‘ol fashioned names.

    The wee fella has go that cuddly look that 90% of PRs have so he should go a long way…

  3. Sarah Turberville and Laurence Heron

    Congratulations from two old lags in Australia … you’ll know you are alive now!


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