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How UK PR firms can improve their SEO capability overnight for £85

About 18 months ago*, I paid around £85 for a piece of software called Market Samurai. I can hand on heart say it is has been one of the most valuable tech investments I’ve made in that time.

To describe it as a general internet marketing tool doesn’t really do it justice. Whether it is drastically reducing the amount of time to handle keyword research or detailed analysis of SERPs, I constantly refer to it.

One of things that stands out for me is the vast amount of useful training material provided by the Market Samurai team – for free. Just watching a few of these videos would probably save PR firms many man weeks and hundreds of pounds of Mickey Mouse training from less reliable sources.

Here’s a couple to give you a flavour:

An Introduction To Keyword Research

How To Find Relevant Keywords

Before I get too fluffy bunny about Market Samurai, it isn’t going to do your SEO PR for you. But at least you can try out the product for free for a few weeks, so no risk there.

Anyway. Enough of my gushing. It is most unlike me. Why not click on the big graphic on the upper right of the page and get a free trial download. See what you think. In fact, I’d welcome feedback from people who try it out – I’m happy to share tips and tricks I’ve picked up using the product over the last 18 month with like minded PR folk who want to improve their SEO skills.


*In the interests of transparency, I’m happy to say that I’ve signed up as an affiliate for Market Samurai. So yes, if you do end up buying it, I get a modest commission. It doesn’t impact the price you pay for it. However, you will note that I have no other such affiliate arrangements with any other provider. I’ve been recommending Market Samurai (for free) to anyone who will care to listen over the last year. So the recent creation of the affiliate programme simply gives recommenders like me a small reward for pointing people to a product I highly value in any case.

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SEO Workshop: Thursday, March 11th – CIPR HQ, Russell Square, London

Glide Technologies, the folk behind the Online Media Centre and GlideInsight, are holding a free, SEO Workshop at the CIPR HQ, 52-53 Russell Square, London, WC1B 4HP on Thursday, March 11th, 2010 from 8.30am to 10.30am.  Hell, they are even throwing in breakfast as well.

I’ll be co-presenting the workshop with Grant Whiteside, the Technical Director at Ambergreen Internet Marketing.  As a pioneer in the UK Search Marketing industry, Grant  has over a decade of hard-won experience under his belt in this dynamic sector. He is highly respected throughout the industry with experience across a wide range of industry sectors including B2B, Charity, Financial Services, Retail, Online Gaming, Hotels, Travel & Leisure and Recruitment.

The aim of the workshop is to provide some very practical advice to PR practioners about how to integrate search into their day-to-day PR activity. Places are limited (no really, they are) – so book now to avoid crushing disappointment.