The Top 100 UK tech folk to follow on Twitter: Pocket-lint

UPDATE ON UPDATE: To make even more clear I’m not simply reposting and attempting to claim all the glory, you’ll have to go to the Pocket-lint site for the full list.
UPDATE: Just so everyone is clear, this is NOT my list, I’m simply reposting – this is the list from the original Pocket-lint post here.  As Richard (see comments below) pointed out, there was no link to the original article – my apologies – it’s there now.
The Top 100 UK tech folk to follow on Twitter 0

3 September 2009 10:00 GMT / By Dan Sung

Twitter’s a pretty big yard these days. So, with no time to go chasing wild geese around, your friendly neighbourhood Pocket-lint has compiled a list of the finest geek minds and microblogging wordsmiths in the UK that you should follow for all things tech.

Without further ado, in no particular order and by their own bios, here are the top 100 tweeters you should be following.


@AlmostZara – Zara Rabinowicz writes about technology and beauty and likes gadgets, gaming and frozen yogurt. She is Staff Writer for Stuff Magazine.
@alexfarber – i like news and booze.
@andylim – Half Chinese, half Spanish Londoner. Editorial director @recombu – I love mobile phones like I love air. Founder and @UKTJPR.
@adamhleach – tech analyst, photographer and londoner
@asimqureshi – Consumer Technology PR – anything that makes life that bit more simple and pleasurable!!
@alanburkittgray – Editor of Global Telecoms Business magazine. See for other links

4 replies on “The Top 100 UK tech folk to follow on Twitter: Pocket-lint”

I must have been number 101 on the list. A former Pocket Lint contributor, Contributing Editor of PC Pro magazine, contributor to, Microscope, IT Pro, Infosecurity, iTWire and DaniWeb amongst others. Two time Information Security Journalist of the Year, a former Technology Journalist of the Year and, before I forget as well, I have been @happygeek on Twitter since January 2007.


Richard – thanks for the comment. The particular reason? I think it is commonly known as an honest mistake. I’ve recently started using Posterous – which auto posts items to my blog. Sometimes the formatting on the original Posterous post can go awry – in my zeal to cut the extraneous material at the bottom of the post, I obviously removed the original link (you’ll see that the original post link is included in these Posterours re-posts). I have now updated the post here to include the original link. Thanks for the pointing out my error. I certainly have no intention of passing off someone else’s material as my own.

Fair enough, can’t argue with technical hitches, thanks for fixing it. That said, I would argue that reposting the entire article isn’t good form: your thoughts on the list followed by a link would be better netiquette. As an online journalist myself, proper linking back is a real hot button issue for myself and my colleagues.

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