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What have I done?

The Flackenhack 2007 Awards, the alternative awards for the UK’s technology PR and media community, are only a few weeks away – Tues, Oct 23rd to be precise.

Along with my friend Fiona Blamey at Prompt and Stephen Davies at WebIT, we have agreed (perhaps foolishly) to take part in what is being described as a Tech Blogger Face off by the organisers.

As Fiona said to me, sounds more like bear baiting. The image of us being prodded with sticks in a cage is clear in my mind.  Still, the beer is free, which should go some way to easing the pain – and by all accounts, it will be a fun night – I gather a bumper turn out is assured judging by ticket sales.

If you are planning to go, be gentle with us.

One Response to “Tech Blogger Face Off at the Flackenhack 2007 Awards”

  1. Dom

    It’s probably best not to ask for sympathy or understanding, as refusal often offends. 🙂

    See you there.


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