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Leader: Don’t fear generation Xbox – Comment & Analysis – Breaking Business and Technology News at reports on a recent keynote from Peter Cochrane – as the article says:

Unfortunately, just moaning about long-haired, iPod-touting "yooves"
won’t make them vanish in a puff of smoke, to be replaced with the
Brylcreemed mini-adults of yesteryear. Many of these kids have
grown up with digital technologies all around them. To them CDs are
about as quaint as wax cylinders, and most probably don’t even know you
used to have to put a strip of chemically treated celluloid inside a
camera to make it work. These kids live and breathe network-centric computing and mash-ups without even realising it.

Having just taken delivery of an XBox 360 and played around with it, you have to agree with Silicon. The "yoof" of today are growing up immersed in a technology environment that would seem like science fiction to us only a few years ago. The whole XBox 360 experience and eco-system is very slick – and this where the IT workers of tomorrow are coming from.

Perhaps businesses ought to be examing the Xbox as a training ground for tomorrow rather than as a distraction from "real" work.

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