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From the Bad Pitch blog. The following two tips in particular have always been relevant to good media relations – but judging by recent journalist comments, they also appear to be two things PR folk do the least.

Step Away From the Computer: Give your mouse a rest and step
out to Barnes & Noble and buy the damn publication. Sometimes
sidebars, graphics, freelancers and editorial coverage cannot be found
online. It’s also a lot more fun. We feel there’s nothing like a sea of
mastheads and cover shots to get your media relations adrenaline

Be a Source: Take source filing a step further.
Being a source means making good use of all the industry reading you’re
supposed to be doing and coming up with story ideas. Some of them won’t
involve your client. Send these to the reporter.

This is good
karma and makes it about more than just "you, you, you." That may work
on dates but heck, sometimes it’s nice to just say "Hey I saw something
you might like." How cool is that? Your self-importance goes out the
window and you’ve helped someone with knowledge.

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