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I’m probably being a dunce, but I was looking at  the PubSub Community Lists: The PR List – according to its 30-day list rank, The New View From Object Towers ranked at number 15  – in fact, it appeared to be at number 10 the day before as its dropped 5 places.

Question is, why is this blog getting such a high ranking? I feel as though I should be pleased by this, but I don’t know why…..

One Response to “Can someone explain how PubSub Link Ranks work?”

  1. Simon Collister

    Hi Andrew

    I’m glad someone raised this point becasue it’s had me flummoxed for months but I was too ashamed to admit it!

    I’ve been blogging for about 4 months now but my blog doesn’t get a listing… while other blogs that I know are dormant get great ratings! It don’t make no sense.


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