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More from the Glide survey:

83pc of PRs surveyed said they used their own personal media contact lists for deciding who to send information too – ie PRs still seem to have an "information hoarding" mentality.

90pc used their personal knowledge and "intuition" when deciding who to send releases to.

So for all the investment in smart databases to decide what information to send a journalist, PRs still have an undocumented feature – an override button called "gut feel" – which determines what they send to people.

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  1. David Rossiter

    Interesting. It’s been a long time now since I’ve used a media database (seeing as I now spend all my time on AR) but I remember five years or so ago, most media databases were pretty rubbish in terms of really telling you who covered what, which publication targeted which type of reader etc. I was always falling back on flannel panels, media packs and my own experience. Sounds like the databases have got much better but PRs haven’t changed their behaviour.


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