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This time last week I was returning from Greece, having spent an excellent few days on the island of Hydra, 2 hours on a boat from Athens. I was there for the wedding of an old Brodeur colleague of mine, Ted Lelekas. You couldn’t really hope for a better setting. A few pix below showing Ted and his bride Maria, along with the bridal procession and the view from the cliff top restaurant where the reception was held.

Back in the UK, I was gearing up for a set of press briefings on Thursday in Central London with Gregor Freund, founder of Zone Labs and now CTO at Checkpoint. Clearly the events of last Thursday are the kind of thing that no PR can plan for. We soon learned why every journalist was ringing to cancel. And clearly on day like that, it puts into perspective the day to day job of tech PR. Seven days is indeed a long time.


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