What does he know about analytics?

Google Analytics QualificationMy first exposure to measurement in PR (24 years ago) was by being given a ruler and a folder full of press clippings from Durrants and told to “measure the column inches”. Even in my PR salad days, I kind of knew this wasn’t the most scientific of ways to demonstrate value. Having said that, PR measurement didn’t seem to get more sophisticated over the years. And this continued to frustrate me.

However, my first exposure to web analytics back in 2004 made me realise that perhaps there could be a better way to show value.

The ubiquity of Google Analytics made me realise that it would be worthwhile to invest some time into better understanding how it could help show the value of PR.

Having passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification, a lot my work now is spent helping clients properly set up GA and get the most from it.

I also run workshops and webinars on Google Analytics for PR professionals for the CIPR.

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