What is your Twitter Grade?

Hubspot Internet Marketing – the people who brought you Website Grader and Press Release Grader – have recently unveiled Twitter Grader, designed, as they describe it, to “measure the relative power of a Twitter user.”

They continue: “Your grade is calculated using a combination of factors including:

* The number of followers you have
* The power of this network of followers
* The pace of your updates
* The completeness of your profile
* …a few others.”

For the record, I currently have a score of 66 (this means I score higher than 66 percent of the other user profiles that have been graded).

Clearly I need to up my Twitter game. A random selection of other notable Twitterers show much higher scores. Or perhaps I need to better understand what those “few other” factors are that contribute to higher grading.

Rory Cellan Jones – Tech Correspondent – BBC = 95

Chris Green – Editor IT Pro = 87

Stephen Waddington – MD – Rainier PR = 82

And in case you were wondering who ranks number one? Step forward top Twitterer, Barack Obama – where does he find the time?