More on the disconnect between PR/marketing agencies and their potential customers

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Just stumbled across Rainmaker’s latest New Business Survey which reports on how U.S. marketing communications agencies should best engage with prospective clients for the purpose of winning new business. They polled opinion from 150 major US brand spenders, in respect of three areas where accurate insights are critical for effective new business activity. A series… Read more »

PR industry’s biggest punch up begins

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  Fight! Fight! Fight!  Amanda Chapel at Stumpette has issued an open (and very forthright) letter to the CEOs and Chief Execs of the top 50 PR agencies in the US and UK. Her question was: "Where are you?!! Listen… we had a Call to Action last week where we invited a number of you… Read more »

Fat Smoker Principles: Build Relationship Plans Not Sales Plans

Posted by & filed under General PR. > Passion, People and Principles > Fat Smoker Principles: Build Relationship Plans Not Sales Plans. As ever, more good sense from Mr Maister. I like his distinction between illustrating and asserting – much like my example of "show" versus "tell" in connection with press releases. DM: Virtually every company I meet says they have… Read more »

Talking to journalists is a waste of time: David Maister

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Professional services guru David Maister has a provocative post here regarding the value of talking to journalists (admittedly in the context of professional services firms). He says: "Experience has taught me that being quoted like this doesn’t really help promote my business or affect the likelihood of me getting hired….I think the marketing benefits of… Read more »

UK PR industry dead in 10 years: PR Week

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OK – they didn’t actually say that – but the latest issue of PR Week contains a number of articles, which, taken together, paint a rather gloomy picture of the UK PR industry and its future. First up, a survey of junior PR folk, conducted in December 2006, showed that a "staggering" (PR Week’s own… Read more »

Why PR Gets No Respect: Eric Dezenhall

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The ever excellent Strumpette has a guest piece from the self-styled US "pit bull of public relations," Eric Dezenhall, on why senior corporate managers have such a low opinion of PR. (Full article here.) I confess that I have never come across Mr Dezenhall before – but his views are frank and original to say… Read more »