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Canuckflack reports on how Tagcrowd can be used by PRs to quickly analyse text to check for key words and  messages. He says it:

  • shines a light on underlying tone (positive, negative, inspirational)
  • helps you understand the emotion being communicated (strong, responsive, dedicated, things like that)
  • provides a 50 word impression of the text and the intentions of its authors
  • much cheaper than contracted media analysis, with a similar level of accuracy

Tag clouds are also helpful in comparing texts. Over at, you can see an analysis of the speeches delivered by the Democratic presidential candidates on Thursday night.

The breakthrough of TagCrowd is the easy capability to develop a tag
cloud from any text – online or off line. This is a practical
application of 2.0 technology to our everyday work as communicators and

As more web apps and mashups can be applied to offline tasks, these
forms of technology will be integrated into the everyday work of all
communicators and marketers – not just by early adopters and the
technically saavy.

But journalists can use it too – they can analyse press releases to quickly see what message the PR wants them to believe – and then decide for themselves whether they’ll buy it or not. All this Web 2.0 stuff has a double edged sword.

One Response to “Tagcloud: the PRs friend or foe?”

  1. Colin McKay

    That’s fantastic! I guess journalists will get tired of words like “empowered,” “community” and “impacted” appearing in 60pt font in their tag clouds.



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