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Says IT Week.

Apparently, European internet users now spend an average of four hours a week
online, compared to just two hours in 2003. The average time spent reading newspapers and magazines is just three hours.
This trend has helped drive an increase in overall media consumption to 19 hours
per week, up from 15 hours in 2003.

The study found that European media consumption trends are underpinned by two
key factors: age and broadband access. Younger consumers exhibit a propensity to consume media online, whereas older
consumers lean more towards traditional print media.

The impact of broadband is also seen at a country level. France, which has
the highest rates of broadband household access, also registers the highest
average hours spent online whereas Germany ranks lowest on both metrics.

So as a PR, targetting older, senior execs is still best done through trad media – though if the stat in the Economist this week about 50pc of Forture CEOs going in the next 5 years due to retirement is anything to go, perhaps  the  victory of online over print is  merely a matter of time….

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