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Link: News and jobs for journalists :: Print and broadcast beat net for trust

Curiously, viewing figures and circulations continue to decline – people may say they trust traditional media more – but they are not translating that trust into loyalty.

Television and newspapers are still more trusted for news than websites and blogs, according to a new survey published by online marketing agency Telecom Express.

Researchers asked participants which information they believed to be accurate, true and unbiased from a variety of media.

Of 1,000 respondents, 66 per cent preferred TV, with the same number trusting their own friends first and foremost. Next on the audience’s list were local newspapers, with 63 per cent naming them as trustworthy.

Websites were the top choice for just 36 per cent, with blogs trailing on 24 per cent.

A BBC/Reuters report published in May found the web was the most trusted news source for only one in ten people, with national television reigning supreme.

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