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Steve Rubel has kicked off a discussion about the re-inventing of the press interview.

Lot of comments from various people about this particular excerpt:

For instance, what if reporters posted their questions out in the
‘sphere and allowed prospective sources to respond either in comments
or by linking to/trackbacking the post. This would give the reporter
potentially infinite sound bites and anecdotes to choose from. Even
better, they could let us vote for the best quotes as they come in.
Some journalists are already using their blogs to find interview
sources, but no one I am aware of is taking it to this next step.

I don’t think the telephone interview is going to go away soon. The argument that doing it via email removes the possibility of mis-quoting doesn’t hold water for me. Besides, if you want a transcript of a phone interview, why not do it via Skype and record it? If you felt you were mis-quoted then you could simply post the sound file on your blog. Assuming you’ve got one.

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